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Should I have a Will?

The answer is yes!  No matter your current situation, it is always a good idea to have your last wishes memorialized in writing.  Your Last Will & Testament will be your final words and directives and it is important that your wishes are known to your family and heirs.  Equally important, having a valid Will in place works to minimize confusion and prevents the court system from getting involved in dividing your estate.  The loss of a loved one is a difficult experience and when your intentions are clear, the burden of not having to guess your wishes is a welcome relief for your heirs.  

Sports Betting May Be Coming to Your State

Gamblers and taxing authorities rejoice.  Although not directly related to our firm’s practice areas – well not really related at all – the Supreme Court of the United States recently decided in a landmark case which will have an incredible impact across the country.  In Murray v. National Collegiate Athletic Assn., the Supreme Court invalidated a 1992 Federal law which effectively prohibited sports betting in almost every State.  This law – known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) was enacted at a time when other forms of gambling were legalized and opponents of gambling feared universal sports betting was next.  In a nutshell, the controversial PASPA provision, which was at the heart of the Supreme Court’s decision last week restricts States from operating, sponsoring or promoting sports gambling schemes.

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Caring for Your Four-Legged Friend: Pet Trusts

Planning your estate is usually not a simple task and often requires you to make tough decisions regarding who gets what. Step one is to determine what constitutes the estate and obvious items are a house, bank account or 401k plan. What is not so obvious, and should not be overlooked,are our pets. Pets are important parts of our lives and to many pet owners, they are part of the family--it is only fair that New York laws provide a tool to ensure that a pet is cared for after someone has passed away.