Fiduciary Accounting

An executor of an estate, trustee of a trust, has the responsibility for accounting for all assets, expenses or other financial matters. With years of experience as a fiduciary backing our services, we are ready to help you satisfy your legal obligations.

Attorney Barnabas Breed and our professional staff are recognized by individual estate holders and law firms for our capacity to handle complex accounting matters for fiduciaries with attention to detail.

Specifically, we will assist you with:

  • Preparation of required financial reports—We prepare accountings for the estate or trust, and obtain valuations of the property. We can help you track investment performance and provide reports to all interested parties. We will also assist you with tax planning for fiduciary accounts, including determination of cost basis, as well as issues related to capital gains and losses. We have the resources in-house to help you prepare cash flow reports, balance sheets and income statements.

  • Fiduciary tax obligations—We offer full tax planning services and will work with you to implement strategies to minimize the tax consequences to the estate or trust or beneficiary.

  • Estate and trust distributions—We arrange for assets to be distributed from probate estates and trusts, including determination of distributive shares, and the preparation of the necessary documents to release you from any liability as a fiduciary. We also calculate the fiduciary commissions.

From our offices on Lexington Avenue in the Grand Central Station area of mid-town Manhattan, New York, we provide estate and trust planning, probate administration, fiduciary accounting and tax services for international and nationwide lawyers with clients who have estate and probate issues in New York State. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.