Real Estate

Our practice frequently executes residential real estate transactions. We regularly arrange for purchasing, selling, mortgaging, or refinancing of townhomes, vacation homes, condominiums and cooperative apartments. We also assist with intra-family transfers, co-ownership agreements, and inheritance planning for real estate.

Services include:

  • Negotiation of the contract to specify the price and terms of payment, what is included (or not included), deadlines for necessary approvals and conditions to be satisfied prior to a specified closing date
  • Preparing and processing purchase contracts, deeds, leases, mortgages and other necessary documents
  • A public record liens report and title insurance to confirm clear title and ownership, free of any existing mortgages, claims, taxes, or liens
  • Compliance with deadlines for the title clearance and the buyers mortgage commitment and any required municipal approvals or condo/ co-operative corporations approvals
  • Assistance with the co-op/ condo board approval and we will complete the managing agent's forms
  • Preparation of the transfer tax returns and calculation of the closing adjustments for prepaid upkeep fees or fees in arrears
  • Review the documents and taxes with you in advance of the closing
  • Attend the closing at which all the checks, legal documents, certificates, affidavits, and tax transfer returns are exchanged
  • Preparation of your closing memorandum summarizing the transaction for your tax records
  • Planning for inheritance of the home if an owner should die

From our offices on Lexington Avenue in the Grand Central Station area of mid-town Manhattan, New York, we provide real estate services for individuals and lawyers with clients who have real estate issues in New York State. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.