Tax and Estate Planning

For decades, we have provided guidance in estate preservation through tax planning by simplifying complex personal estates, maximizing tax benefits and providing an integrated strategy that considers the tax implications for personal and estate taxes.

Estate Planning

We will carefully review your financial situation to help you determine which approach is in your best interests.  We will then prepare and execute the necessary documents to put your estate plan in place, integrating your assets, wills and trusts to utilize the current laws to your advantage.

We work with privately-held businesses as well as individuals and families with interrelated trusts and estate plans.  We handle all aspects of the administration of trusts, coordinating assets to maximize the estate, gift and income tax benefits and harmonize all the documents into one cohesive estate plan.

We can provide you with Estate Plans that will:

  • short circuit family disputes
  • disinherit undesirable heirs
  • minimize estate taxes
  • identify practical problems and expedite inheritance
  • include international family and heirs

Tax Planning

Our staff takes a comprehensive approach, carefully coordinating your taxes, to ensure that the decisions you make are in line with your financial goals.  We know the importance of comprehensive planning to minimize your tax liability and will efficiently address:

  • The sale or acquisition of assets
  • When to take capital gains or losses
  • The use of capital carryovers, and step up in basis of inherited asset