Will Contests and Trust Disputes

At Breed & Associates, we bring extensive experience to individuals who are involved in estate or trust controversies.

With more than 35 years of experience, we have skills and resources in all matters relating to will contests, probate litigation and trust conflicts. We provide extensive forensic accounting services in support of estate and trust litigation. Under the direction of senior attorney Barnabas Breed, our professional staff can handle any aspect of the lawsuit, including:

  • Preparation, filing and argument of legal motions

  • Discovery, such as depositions, analysis of documents, and requests for production

  • Preparation of court documents, such as petitions, objections, legal briefs for the court and supporting affidavits

  • Contested will cases and settlement negotiations

  • Representation at court conferences

We will thoroughly investigate the facts related to an estate or trust, addressing such issues as:

  • What assets really exist and find missing assets

  • Where those assets are or where they went

  • Whether the valuation of those assets was correct

Additionally forensic accounting provides a review and analysis of the financial transactions of an estate or trust.  We can track, value and verify the income, assets and transactions, including,

  • Tax deposits and payments

  • Calculation of Executor and Trustee Commissions

  • Contract obligations

  • Missing, hidden or abandoned assets

  • Income and expenses

  • Tax deductions

From our offices on Lexington Avenue in the Grand Central Station area of mid-town Manhattan, New York, we provide estate and trust planning, probate administration, fiduciary accounting and tax services for international and nationwide lawyers with clients who have estate and probate issues in New York State. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.